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Simplify Your Space | Simplify Your Life

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Whether your goal is adjusting to a new space, getting ready for a big move, or simply downsizing the clutter, we look forward to helping make your space work for you! 

What We Do



Preliminary Phone Consultation

Getting to know you and your needs; the initial details.

In-Person Assessment

Complimentary 60 minute maximum in-home assessment to discuss your project and goals.


Side-By-Side Organizing

Working together to create the beautiful space you deserve and love. Productivity and results greatly increase with this option.

Independent Organizing

If you want a hands-off approach where everything is done for you (you don't even have to be there), this service is for you! Time needed in-home greatly increases with this option.


Email & Phone Communication

From start to finish, and beyond if needed!

Project Shopping

Outside time spent shopping for project supplies (within your budget of course).


We haul your unwanted items after every organizing session to the charity or organization of your choice.

Inspiration & Resource Packet

Included to give you some ideas for your space, as well as resources for donating, shopping, & selling.


*Additional details regarding services are specified in the Client Service Agreement.







Laundry Room



Home Office

Craft Room


Living Spaces

Whole Home


Unpacking & Organizing a New Home

Downsizing for a Move

Room Redesign

Shelving System Installations

Furniture Assembly 

General Furniture & Decor Placement


Consider hiring two organizers!

When you hire a team of two organizers you improve your desired results in a few ways. First, you get two experienced brains that can bounce ideas off of each other and generate further developed solutions for your space. Second, time is cut in half by having four hands working instead of two. And third, many tasks such as furniture assembly, shelving installation, moving and/or hanging heavy objects, and climbing ladders may require additional hands to help do the job properly and safely.

Inviting someone into your personal space isn't easy and requires a high level of trust. I want you to feel comfortable having us in your home which is why I can assure you any personal information will remain confidential.


Organizing Packages

Please note we only accept payment up front in the form of cash, check, Zelle, Cash App, or Venmo at this time.

Single Session

A single session is great for a small space or to get started on a project with professional help.



Additional organizer (optional): $60/hour

3 total hours in-home services

Preliminary phone consultation

Email & phone correspondence

60 minute in-home assessment


Product research, shopping + returns

Donation & trash drop-off*

Basic Package

A package without the bells and whistles, geared toward projects requiring junk removal or simple organizing.

$60 per hour in-home services

Additional organizer (optional): $60 per hour

Preliminary phone consultation

Email & phone correspondence

Decluttering & organizing

Donation & trash drop-off*

*Fees associated with large trash and recycling drop-off are specified in the Client Service Agreement.


2 Sessions

2 sessions are great for a small dense space or to continue a previous project.

$600 (save 5%)

Additional organizer (optional): $60/hour

6 total hours in-home services

Preliminary phone consultation

Email & phone correspondence

60 minute in-home assessment


Product research, shopping + returns

Donation & trash drop-off*

4 Sessions

4 sessions are excellent for a large dense space or 2+ small spaces around the house.

$1,160 (save 8%)

Additional organizer (optional): $60/hour

12 total hours in-home services

Preliminary phone consultation

Email & phone correspondence

60 minute in-home assessment


Product research, shopping + returns

Donation & trash drop-off*

6 Sessions

6 sessions are perfect to get started on whole home organizing.

$1,700 (save 10%)

Additional organizer (optional): $60/hour

18 total hours in-home services

Preliminary phone consultation

Email & phone correspondence

60 minute in-home assessment


Product research, shopping + returns

Donation & trash drop-off*

Organizing Packages

Ciara Lindley

Owner & Organizer

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I am a Texas A&M alumni, and a former Fourth Grade Teacher in Liberty Hill, Texas. As a mom of two active littles, my passion and need for aesthetic structure, functionality, and order has formed over time as life seems to get more hectic. I started to realize more and more that less physical clutter means less mind clutter. The simplicity and beauty of organization creates space for mental, physical, and spiritual freedom, and freedom from stress and anxiety. Removing unnecessary and unwanted physical and mental obstacles simply makes life easier. Who wouldn't want that?

Whether it is lack of time or knowledge, or just feeling overwhelmed, I am eager to help you create your stress-free, decluttered, and aesthetically pleasing environment so you can make space for what you really love.


Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. ~William Morris

Audra Buxton

Team Organizer

Audra Buxton.jpg

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. ~James Clear

Born and raised in Oklahoma and a graduate from Oklahoma State University. Like most smart Okies I moved to Texas as fast as I could! After living in all the major Texas metros, our family is happy to consider the Austin area our home. Our family has been in the Austin area for 10+ years and we love exploring all there is to see and do here!


My husband and I have three boys who challenge me to find simple ways to keep things organized and tidy. Between sports practices, grocery shopping, and the busyness of life, I find good organizational systems essential to keeping our home running smoothly. When working with clients, my process is to clearly understand the goals for each space and then create maintainable systems to achieve the desired result. Clearing out clutter so you can appreciate the space and items you value can be good for both your mental and physical health. I look forward to working with you!

Victoria Benningfield

Team Organizer

I’m an Austin native who was raised in a household with two home offices, long before working from home was common. Our family was always looking for ways to get the most from every room in the house and from an early age, I experimented with rearranging things to make my space more comfortable and functional. I was an avid organizer years before I realized it was a profession!

I’m a sewing enthusiast with a large stash of crafting supplies who knows that organization requires a combination of thoughtful editing, the right product, and a motivated mindset! I’m passionate about creating sustainable habits and believe that a sustainable space is a critical foundation. I love working with clients to declutter their space and incorporate easy to maintain systems that are functional for the whole family!

Victoria B.jpeg

"A good system shortens the road to the goal." ~Orison Marden

Claire Sirota

Team Organizer

Headshot Claire Sirota_edited.jpg

"Joy is not in things, it is in us."

~Richard Wagner

A native of the UK, I moved to the USA in my mid twenties and settled in Liberty Hill 11 years ago. I now have 3 young children which is my personal motivator to remain organized! Having enjoyed a career in project management, I realized the same principles of organization should be applied to my home and the other areas of my life. Between school, sports, hobbies and careers, organization is the key to making our busy family life run smoothly.

Creating organized, functional spaces is a passion that I am eager to share. Every person and their home is different, and I would love to learn about your needs and help create a system that
serves you and your personal goals. I sincerely believe that keeping an organized home allows us to maintain clarity of mind; your home should be your sanctuary and not a source of stress.


What People Say

Featured in City Lifestyle Cedar Park: Simplify Your Life
Featured in VoyageAustin: Meet Ciara Lindley of Cedar Park
Featured in CanvasRebel: Meet Ciara Lindley
Featured in Redfin: 18 Genius Apartment Living Hacks You Need to Know to Stay Organized, According to the Pros
Featured in Community Impact Leander-Cedar Park: Tips from an Organizer

"Thank goodness for Ciara! She organized my entire pantry, cabinets, bathroom drawers, closet, and dressers. On top of all that, she took the paintings and photos and plants and decorated my apartment so simply elegant-- it felt just like home when I got back from my trip. I can't express the relief and gratitude I felt when I saw how she organized and designed my apartment. No more boxes! No more clutter! Ciara works magic."


~Briana W.

I can't thank you both enough. It's so wonderful to be getting my home back. It is very humbling to let someone else in to see the consequences of our family's mental health struggles. It's also incredibly empowering to ask and receive help overcoming them. Thank you. 

~Laura W.

Ciara is amazing! I had a huge project dealing with photos that I didn’t even know how to begin. She helped me organize and store them in beautiful boxes I would have never thought to use. I have a hard time picking out things and organizing and left it all to her judgment. She did an outstanding job making great decisions and giving me what I wanted even though I didn’t know what that was!

~Amy D.


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We would love to help with your next organizing project!

Thanks! We will contact you soon!

Feel free to call (512) 300-3923 with any questions.

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