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We are looking for passionate, positive, action-driven, personable, and detail-oriented organizers to build our team!​

Team Organizer Position Overview: Team Organizers will strive to primarily work independently to complete in-home job-related tasks, implement organizing solutions, and suggest improvements for a variety of spaces in clients' homes, ranging from kitchens and closets, to garages and playrooms. The role of a Team Organizer includes, but is not limited to, in-home organizing and designing, packing/unpacking relating to a move, downsizing, sorting, decluttering, paperwork, client donations and trash drop-off, off-site product research and shopping for supplies, and the use of technology. Administrative and back-end support will be provided where appropriate.

Knowledge & Skills: Team Organizers must be able to categorize and identify essential and non-essential items in a space, have basic knowledge of aesthetic room design, and have an idea of where to find specific products/organizers for any given space. Familiarity and knowledge of basic technology software and apps such as spreadsheets, email, digital forms, design apps, and online research is a plus. Appropriate and frequent communication with clients and organizers is expected. Experienced organizers preferred.

Requirements: Organizing requires physical and mental energy, as well as problem-solving techniques and a strong drive. Team Organizers must be 18 years of age or older, should be able to lift 50+ pounds, climb stairs, use a ladder, install shelving systems, hang objects such as pictures or curtain rods, assemble furniture, and use a variety of tools. Working on-site in different homes means being adaptable and able to tolerate pets, distractions, dust, smoke, smells, bugs, etc. A reliable medium-large vehicle is necessary for transportation to and from residences in and around the Austin area, and for product pickup and trash/donation drop-off. Organizing supplies and tools helpful to complete the scope of work may be provided by Team Organizer.

Availability: Flexible availability Monday - Sunday, 8:00am - 6:00pm (any 3+ hour time slots that work with your schedule and your client's schedule). Job opportunities and times/dates will fluctuate with client interest and schedules; consistent work (and therefore pay) is not guaranteed.

Thank you for your interest and taking the time to pursue a career with Sorted Spaces & Design as a professional organizer! Please understand that only applicants under consideration will be contacted for this position. Applicants will be required to take part in phone, video, and/or in-person interviews; in addition, appropriate support will be provided if selected. A DBA, liability insurance, and background check will be required prior to the start of the working relationship.

Currently Accepting Applications!

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